Jazz Views: Rimur reviewed by Nick Lea

March 2017

"Careful and repeated listening will continue reveal further delights and appreciation of the sheer scope of the music presented from the subtly arranged and controlled dynamic range of the 'Brureslått' to the incredibly beautiful 'St Sunniva Hymn - Eterna Christi munera'; and the playful ryhtmic impetus created on 'Du är den första'."... "Let this one slip under your radar at your peril."

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All about jazz: Rimur reviewed by Henning Bolte


"Impressive from the first moment of listening is the strength, calmness and concentration this originally monophonic music exudes."

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New Zealand Herald: 5/5!


"The three women of the Norwegian Trio Mediaeval can look back proudly over 20 years of uncovering the often mysterious and mystical music written centuries before the cantatas of Bach or the masses of Palestrina.

Their sound has made them one of the most distinct voices on the ECM label with the cool vocal harmonies of Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth and Berit Opheim complemented by the raw beauty of Friman's Hardanger fiddle and the delicate pipings of Fuglseth's harmonium-like shruti box.

The group's latest disc, Rimur, travels to Iceland, exploring deep connections between that island and their own land, instigated more than a millennium ago by the 9th century explorer Ingolf Arnarson."

" Rating: 5/5

Verdict: Three Norwegian women take us on a Nordic magical mystical tour"

From NZ Herald - Review by William Dart

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Klassekampen: "Glemte Island-skatter"


Omtale av Rimur i Klassekampen

"Det er vakkert, det er fortellende, det er inderlig." "Resultatet er praktfullt."


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Review by Tony Benjamin at Bristol 24/7

03.13. 2017

"By the end of this segue it was evident that these were sounds of exceptional beauty, the three Nordic voices crisp and clear as fresh snow in the morning yet each with a distinct character, the modulated tone of the trumpet a fourth voice, warmer by contrast."

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A Worcester Ladymass, Trio Mediaeval - Readings, 05/01/2011 Phil Richards


On their fifth release on ECM New Series, and their first in four years, Oslo's Trio Mediaeval have chosen a work from the thirteenth century, a reconstruction of a votive Mass to the Virgin Mary, based on manuscripts and fragments originating in an English Benedictine Abbey. The original manuscripts were missing a Credo and a Benedicamus Domino, so the trio invited English composer Gavin Bryars to compose the appropriate settings, which sit very well with the mediaeval originals. This is a stunningly beautiful performance from this brilliant trio.


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Trio Mediaeval's 'Worcester Ladymass' - Washington Post, 04/22/2011 Anne Midgette


"This performance is an act of recontextualization, as Anna Maria Friman, the group's Swedish soprano, points out in the CD's brief liner notes. Offering a spirituality stripped of most of its specific religious associations (the Latin texts are even printed in the booklet without translation), the album lightly raises the question of how to honor women in an entirely different society."


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